About Us

The Raleigh, NC Chapter of the American Sewing Guild has been a chartered chapter of the National ASG organization since 1993. It is the largest chapter in North Carolina with over 200 members and has enjoyed steady growth.

The Neighborhood Groups are the heart of the American Sewing Guild, and meet monthly to enjoy sewing programs and sharing of ideas. Meeting topics will vary monthly from group to group and often include Community Service activities. The Raleigh, NC Chapter of the American Sewing Guild is divided into Neighborhood Groups (NG) spread throughout the Triangle Area and beyond. Membership in the ASG entitles you to visit any Neighborhood Group throughout the USA. We welcome you to attend a NG meeting near you.

In keeping with the ASG’s mission statement – “Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill” – we sponsor several sewing events throughout the year.  Regular events include:

  • Sewing Escapes – Escape to sew for four days in the fall and winter
  • Periodic local Saturday sew-ins
  • Scheduled seminars and workshops by nationally and locally known speakers
  • An annual meeting for all Chapter members

Our Chapter programs are all planned by the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) with as much input as possible from chapter members.  Occasionally, we conduct surveys to be sure our plans are meeting member interests, and we encourage members to submit requests and suggestions to the CAB.

Our Chapter Newsletter “Sew What’s New” is distributed electronically every other month to all chapter members in addition to being posted on the ASG national website (in the Members Only section) www.asg.org.

We invite you to join the Raleigh, NC Chapter of the American Sewing Guild and see our “sewing friends network” in action.  The membership application form can be found on the ASG national website at www.asg.org.  Please note that membership in the Raleigh, NC Chapter entitles you to nationwide ASG membership benefits.