Our Raleigh membership is still growing and that means more of you are interested in meeting other sewing friends and getting back to the hobby we all love!  Be sure to talk about our group whenever you are around sewing people, especially those new to this creative outlet!  Many of our new members tell us that if they had only known that ASG had a group like this, (or that ASG was even around), they would have joined sooner.  Many of them have been looking for “people like themselves” who love to sew.  We currently have over 200 members!

What does membership in ASG (Raleigh, NC Chapter in particular) mean?

How do I join?

What is A Taste of ASG?

What’s required of me?

How does it benefit me?

Membership in ASG is open to anyone interested in sewing.  Membership is as active as you want it to be.  You can join just for the discounts at local and national stores and websites.  You can join to attend neighborhood group meetings – relatively small groups that meet on a monthly basis to share individual projects, knowledge and work on common goals or service projects.  You can join to attend one or more scheduled sew-ins and/or workshops including some taught by prominent guest speakers.  We also have two annual “Stitch Camps” – long weekend sewing retreats held in Myrtle Beach.  Membership is at the national level, so once you become a member, you can attend any meeting in any chapter, nationwide.

How do I join?  There are two easy ways to join.  Print and fill out the Membership Form and mail it, along with your payment by check or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) to:
The American Sewing Guild
9660 Hillcroft, Suite 510
Houston, TX  77096

If you prefer, you may also register online at the ASG National (secure) website.

Membership is for 12 months and begins on the date you sign up.  Membership includes admission to all regular meetings, subscription to our quarterly newsletter Sew What’s New, and the ASG national publication Notions.

What is A Taste of ASG?

Try out a 60-day all access “Taste of ASG” pass to the American Sewing Guild for only $10. Limited time offer. Click here to get started. Be sure to scroll down the application and choose the “60 Day Trial Membership” option.

What’s required of me?  First year dues are $50.  On-time renewals for subsequent years are $45, and late renewals are $50.  Youth memberships are available for those 17 years of age or younger for $25.

How does it benefit me?  Besides the camaraderie of wonderful, dynamic and energetic people who love creating with fabrics, threads and other mediums, membership in ASG offers you discounts at some national chain retailers, online stores and local merchants.

Have additional questions about membership?  Just contact us at