Most of our neighborhood groups have resumed in-person meetings.

Information about when and where each Neighborhood Group meets can be found on each Group’s page. Please check with each Neighborhood Group leader to confirm an in-person meeting.

The Neighborhood Groups of the American Sewing Guild are the modern day realization of the traditional sewing bee or circle.  As such, they are the “heart” of the national ASG organization.  Most Neighborhood Groups are based upon geographic proximity of group members or sharing of specific specialized sewing interests.  The organization of the ASG protects the flexibility and closeness of the smaller sewing “bee” while enhancing the benefits of ASG members through the functions of the ASG Chapter Boards and the ASG Headquarters organization.

The Raleigh, NC Chapter of the ASG is fortunate to have several ASG Neighborhood/Special Interest Groups that support a diverse variety of programs for their members.  ASG members can attend any meeting of their choosing, usually based upon proximity to their home, scheduling of the meetings, or interest in the programs being offered by the Groups during their meetings.

Most meetings include “Show and Tell” during which attendees show their latest creations.  This typically leads to lively discussions and idea exchanges.  Show and Tell is then followed by a short program during which a particular technique or topic is presented or discussed.

Examples of programs offered by the Raleigh, NC Chapter Neighborhood/Special Interest Groups, include:

  • Using color effectively in garments or quilts
  • Evaluation of the latest/or favorite notions and how to use them
  • Effective use of your sewing machine feet
  • Community Service Sew-ins