H through N

H is for Hanging Sleeve

Watch this Sew Easy Lesson video by Fons and Porter to learn how to add a Hanging Sleeve to your quilt the easy way.

I is for Inkjet Printing on Fabric

Today we have a link to a product that makes it easy to print on fabric at home using your inkjet printer. Be sure to follow their easy instructions for a successful outcome.

J is for Jelly Rolls

Visit the Moda Bake Shop for a tutorial to make Granny’s Insanity Quilt with jelly rolls.

K is for Knits and Koalas

Watch this video from Colette Patterns to better understand knit fabric terms.

We have a bonus free pattern link today for a koala softie toy.

L is for Lace

Check out this tutorial from craftstylish on how to make an Heirloom Lace-Edged Hankie.

M is for Monogram

Click here for tips and tricks from the Graphics Fairy on how to create monograms that can then be digitized for machine embroidery.

N is for Needle Chart

If you have ever wondered about all those sewing machine needles that aren’t labeled “universal”, then this post is for you.  Check out this chart from needle maker Schmetz for an informative guide on choosing the correct sewing machine needle.