O through U

O is for Organza Sachets

Head on over to MarthaStewart.com for an organza sachet project to help keep the moths out of your closet.

P is for Postcard

Today’s tutorial is by Killer Bee Designs for making a postcard – out of fabric, of course!

Q is for Quilt Labels

Watch this video by Amanda Rolfe to learn all about quilt labels: what they are, what they should say, how to make them and how to apply them.

R is for Rolled Hems

Visit the Sew4Home website to see, step-by-step, how to make a rolled hem using your sewing machine and a rolled hem foot.

S is for Stay Tapes

Watch this video by Pamela’s Patterns to learn how to use stay tapes by Emma Seabrooke in your knit sewing.

T is for Thread Tension

Check out this article and diagram from Superior Threads for a better visual understanding of thread tension and how to adjust it.

U is for Umbrella

Splash on over to Welcome to the Mouse House for a cute tutorial to upcycle an old umbrella and make it your own.